Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Limited Box) - Karl Bartos - Música - Bureau B - 4015698033854 - 8 de março de 2024
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Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Limited Box) Limited edition

Karl Bartos

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Cabinet of Dr Caligari (Limited Box) Limited edition

Limited CD box (2000 copies worldwide). Inclues the album on CD, the Caligari movie on DVD, and 48-page booklet. Narrative film music and sound design for Robert Wiene's classic 1920 psychological thriller. Digitally restored in 4K by the Friedrich-Wilhelm-Murnau-Foundation. Musician and writer Karl Bartos has long been admirer of Weimar-era culture. During his time in Kraftwerk, he helped create the stunning track Metropolis, directly inspired by a band viewing of the classic 1927 Fritz Lang film of the same name. The original orchestral music composed for The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by Giuseppe Becce had long been lost and in 2005, after watching the film, Bartos imagined what it would be like to create an entirely new one in the 21st Century in his home studios in Hamburg. Now with crystal clear images, digitally restored by the Friedrich-Wilhelm Murnau-Foundation, the film is visually the best quality it has ever been, and now, with Bartos' soundtrack, there is impressive sound to go with the haunting vision. For the task, Bartos ransacked his own library of musical compositions, recreating pieces he had written as a young classical musician in his pre-Kraftwerk days whilst creating new sounds, melodies and textures. From outside of the classical tradition there is the folklorist bricolage of the fairground barrel organ tempered playfully by some psychedelic backwards musique concrete along with some melodies which would not have been out of place on a Kraftwerk album from the classic era. All the time the listener is on a journey, sounds move in and out, music weaves and entwines, the soundscape is immersive and intoxicatingly rich.

Mídia Música     CD/DVD/LIVRO   (CD + DVD + LIVRO)
Número de unidades 3
Lançado 8 de março de 2024
EAN/UPC 4015698033854
Gravadora Bureau B BURB400A.2
Genre Electronic
Dimensões 128 × 134 × 15 mm   ·   207 g

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