Road - Alice Cooper - Música -  - 4029759186403 - 25 de agosto de 2023
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Road Limited Red Marbled Vinyl edition

Alice Cooper

Road Limited Red Marbled Vinyl edition

Throughout 2022, Alice collaborated closely with the members of his touring band as well as longtime producer Bob Ezrin, putting together what would become his brand-new studio album Road.

You can feel the energy and lightness that the band brings with every riff and hear the story behind, what inspired them. Bringing everything full circle, it channels the spirit of old school Alice with instantly recognizable grit and plenty of gusto. It’s everything you'd hope for from him and more. And this time his trusted longtime bandmates - Ryan Roxie [guitar], Chuck Garric [bass], Tommy Henrikson [guitar], Glen Sobel [drums], and Nita Strauss [guitar] - are riding shotgun.

With an illustrious career spanning more than 50 years, Alice Cooper has solidified his status as one of the greatest living legends in hard rock. As a Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductee, his contributions to the genre are immeasurable. From anthems like "School's Out" and "Poison" to the unforgettable "No More Mr. Nice Guy," Alice has created enduring classics that will resonate for decades to come.

Alice Cooper's stage presence and theatricality have captivated audiences across continents. His live performances have left stadiums, arenas, and amphitheaters in awe, craving more. Known for his macabre imagery, distinctive raspy vocals, and provocative shows, he has become an iconic figure in the world of hard rock and heavy metal. Countless musicians have been inspired by his darkly humorous lyrics and trailblazing spirit.

Mídia Música     VINIL     LP/DVD   (LP e DVD)
Número de unidades 3
Lançado 25 de agosto de 2023
EAN/UPC 4029759186403
N.º da categoria 0218640EMU
Genre Metal     Hard Rock
Dimensões 5 × 315 × 315 mm   ·   549 g

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