Ich würd's wieder tun - Andrea Berg - Musik -  - 4260458340295 - July 29, 2022

Ich würd's wieder tun Limited Fanbox edition

Andrea Berg

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Ich würd's wieder tun Limited Fanbox edition

It's the eagerly awaited music highlight of the year: Andrea Berg surprises her fans with a luxurious new album.

The title (which translates to "I would do it again") is a musical statement about a unique career and the future of the exceptional artist that is Andrea Berg. A unique album by an artist who has written music history with countless top hits, unites generations, looks back with gratitude and at the same time looks forward with great joy. True to the motto: "I would do it again".

The album contains 19 tracks with various exciting guest featurings - not all of them are disclosed yet!

Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto)
Lançado July 29, 2022
EAN/UPC 4260458340295
Genre Schlager
Dimensões 1 kg

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