Interplay - Ride - Música - Wichita Recordings - 5400863145835 - 29 de março de 2024
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"Interplay," Ride's upcoming seventh album and their third since reuniting in 2015, marks a pinnacle in their musical journey. This album weaves together the essence of their initial style - a blend of intense guitar play, mesmerizing rhythms, and enchanting melodies – and elevates it with a broader soundscape incorporating elements of synth, psychedelic folk, electronic rhythms, and dark, pop-infused textures.

The creation of "Interplay" unfolded amidst challenging times for Ride, including the global struggles of the pandemic, personal break-ups, and a tumultuous legal dispute with a former manager that jeopardized the band's future. These trials have infused the album with a sense of defiance. It balances classic Ride themes like escapism, dreams, dissatisfaction with contemporary life, longing, and liberty with an undercurrent of resilience.

"Interplay" stands as a testament to the traditional album format, offering a cohesive listening experience that ranges from forceful and pressing to reflective and somber. It symbolizes the resurgence of a prominent British group, showcasing their renewed vigor. The album is more than just music; it's about enduring, uniting, and forging ahead. Nine years into their reunion, Ride continues to reinvent their narrative, demonstrating their enduring relevance in the music world.

Mídia Música     VINIL     LP   (Vinil)
Número de discos de vinil 2
Lançado 29 de março de 2024
EAN/UPC 5400863145835
Gravadora Wichita Recordings
Genre Indie     Indie & Alternative
Dimensões 312 × 313 × 4 mm   ·   522 g

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