The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / TravLin Light - Jimmy Giuffre - Música - JAZZ IMAGES (WILLIAM CLAXTON SERIES) - 8436569192566 - 1 de setembro de 2018
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The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / TravLin Light

Jimmy Giuffre

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The Jimmy Giuffre 3 / TravLin Light

The Jimmy Giuffre 3 was one of the best albums by the Jimmy Giuffre Trio with Jim Hall. Their collaboration stands by itself as a unique collection of intimate chamber music. Interviewed many years later, Jim Hall remembered his fi rst encounter with Giuffre: "There were these jam sessions on Sunday afternoon at a club in L. A. I think it was called Sardi's or something like that and I remember I met Giuffre. He's from Texas, of course. I said, 'Mr. Giuffre' or 'Jimmy' or whatever I said, 'Boy it's such an honor to meet you. I really love your playing and your writing.' I said, 'It's really a pleasure.' And he says, 'Same to you.' Yeah, I think I probably learned more from Jimmy, in a lot of ways, than anybody else. It was a great experience... Jimmy is a very schooled musician... He had a sense of the trio that there should never be just a clarinet out front and we were the accompaniment." The trio's complete album Trav'lin' Light has been added as a bonus.


Mídia Música     CD   (Disco compacto)
Número de discos 1
Lançado 1 de setembro de 2018
EAN/UPC 8436569192566
Genre Jazz
Dimensões 63 g

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