Digital Wisdom: Thought Leadership for a Connected World (Shelly Palmer Digital Living) - Shelly Palmer - Livros - York House Press, Limited - 9780985550820 - 1 de dezembro de 2012
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Digital Wisdom: Thought Leadership for a Connected World (Shelly Palmer Digital Living) 1th edição

Shelly Palmer

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Digital Wisdom: Thought Leadership for a Connected World (Shelly Palmer Digital Living) 1th edição

Why You Need Digital Wisdom

The goal of this book is to give you a way to think strategically about how life and work are changing. Now you are a citizen in a connected world, this books gives you tools to become a digital leader, ready to tackle the new and sometimes troubling realities of a life in which all we are, all we do, and everything we own is expressed as ones and zeros - data that must be understood, managed, and safeguarded.

In an all-access, 24/7-connected world, how do we drown out the noise to keep contact and connections meaningful? In a blur of innovation, how do you pursue what matters and ditch the merely passing? What happens if the grid goes down? And why does the sleeper threat of cyber terrorism represent the real apocalypse? Everything from creating an unhackable password to understanding the governance of a digital democracy, Digital Wisdom breaks down the major themes and gives you a map to navigate a connected world.

Praise for Digital Wisdom

"Shelly has created a compelling and comprehensive "How To" guide for 21st century digital leadership. Ignore at your own peril!!! In the New World Order of consumer engagement, everyone needs to be a digital marketer. Shelly has given us a highly practical guide to help navigate the waters to digital leadership." -- Joseph V. Tripodi, Chief Marketing & Commercial Officer, The Coca-Cola Company

"As analytics unlocks the power of data marketers must immerse themselves in the connected world. In Digital Wisdom, Shelly Palmer explains how mastering the new digital realities can lead to extra degrees of freedom in your life and your business." -- Stephen Quinn, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart

"Digital Wisdom delivers mightily on its promise ... and then some. Shelly Palmer's new book is informative, insightful and, best of all, genuinely inspiring -- like Shelly." -- David Sable, Global CEO, Y&R

"Shelly has done a tremendous job showing us how to solve 21st century problems with 21st century solutions, whether you are a digital native or novice this is a must read." -- Keith Weed, Chief Marketing and Communication Officer, Unilever

"Once again Shelly has created a book that will make you think differently about life in the 21st century. It's a must read - not only for aspiring Digital Leaders - but for all Leaders!"  -- Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer, Ford Motor Company
"This is a book that will truly take your thought process to the next level. Shelly will help you ask the right questions, which will result in right answers." -- Beth Comstock, SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, GE

"Shelly Palmer provides a wealth of facts, anecdotes, and insights that -- in characteristic, thought-provoking Shelly style -- highlight the must-know issues about living and working in a connected world. An important read." -- Lisa Shalett, Head of Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy, Goldman Sachs
"Digital Wisdom is a well-written, easily readable, practical book for anyone who wants to take a leadership role in a connected world." -- Kristen O'Hara, Chief Marketing Officer, Time Warner Global Media Group
"... a brilliant, quick read, perfect for every executive" -- Newsradio WBBM Chicago

Mídia Livros     Paperback Book   (Livro de capa flexível e brochura)
Lançado 1 de dezembro de 2012
ISBN13 9780985550820
Editoras York House Press, Limited
Páginas 162
Dimensões 150 × 9 × 226 mm   ·   226 g
Idioma English  

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