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Obverse Coloured edition


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Obverse Coloured edition

Trentemøller returns with his fifth studio album 'Obverse' in September 2019! Anders Trentemøller is a well-known multi-instrumentalist, but perhaps the one he's most adept at is the studio itself. 'Obverse' is the result of him expanding that skill even further. 'Obverse' often feels like an instrumental album because it started life as one, the driving philosophy being "what if the pressure of having to perform these songs live is removed entirely?" Granting yourself the freedom to chase down every idea a studio offers comes with privileges. What happens when you reverse a synth part mid-verse? Why not send an entire track through a faulty distortion pedal? Inspiration reveals itself in a variety of forms and, before long, a simple chord progression contorts into something entirely new. It's a work method that yielded great results for the legendary German Kosmiche/Motorik experimentalists of the 1970's. Intentional or not, 'Obverse' embodies more than a little of that spirit without even a hint of pastiche.

So it only makes sense that 'Obverse' would stray from its original roadmap. In due time, half of the nascent compositions featured singers, including Lina Tullgren, Lisbet Fritze, and jennylee, of Warpaint, another band deeply influenced by dream pop. While 'Obverse' was born from a different work ethic than previous efforts, it also continues an arc that started in 2006. Each successive effort has represented a logical next step beyond the album before, and 'Obverse' absolutely picks up where Fixion left off.

For the past decade Trentemøller has been perfecting this form of sonic chiaroscuro to conjure up images of severe landscapes, and to mirror the Scandinavian climate, where half the year the sun barely sets, and the other it barely tops the horizon. While there has been a film noir element in his previous work, 'Obverse' is the first time each song has felt like a collection of pocket soundtracks.

By fusing together a love of dream pop, dark synth-based music, film scores, and a deep connection with the stark Nordic panoramas, Anders has created an inimitable language. Ultimately 'Obverse' resides in a genre all its own.


Vocals on 'Cold Comfort' are by Rachel Goswell, singer & gitarrist of the UK-band Slowdive while Danish singer/songwriter Lina Tullgren sings on 'In The Garden'. Jenny Lee of the US-band Warpaint contributes vocals for 'Try A Little' and Lisbet Fritze sings on 'Blue September' and 'One Last Kiss To Remember'. Additional performances are by Jeppe Brix (guitar), Manoj Ramdas (guitar), Silas Tinglef (guitar, bass), Jakob Høyer (drums) and Jakob Falgren (bass).


Mídia Música     VINIL     LP   (LP VINYL) × 2
Lançado September 27, 2019
EAN/UPC 4250382438182
Gravadora IN MY ROOM IMR33LP
Genre Local
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